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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baby, it's HOT outside...and my horse is quiet :)

So, here we are. May 3rd. My dear red head continues to have a stocked up hind leg with a cut that refuses to heal. The vet is coming out on Wednesday, but told me to just start lunging and riding w/t because she is sound. So, here I am, continuing my lovely schedule of going to the barn before work and lunging for 10-20 minutes, then going back to the barn after work to ride.

I am not going to lie, cantering isn't my favorite thing to do on my horse. She hasn't been using her muscles properly in the past, and she still doesn't totally get it when it comes to cantering..Is it wrong that I am kinda happy and feel like I have been let off the hook for awhile? Anyway, we are doing a lot of side rein w/t and w/t in my german martingale to keep building the right muscles so that maybe cantering will be easier by the time this sucky cut heals and I am allowed to do more.

Anyway, here she is, in all her glory. She loves to roll in mud...with her fly mask on :)


Only in WNY do you need your heavy blanket, light t/o and flysheet/mask on the same rack and the same time.

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