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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taters jumped a line! Kinda....

Taters is moving up! We jumped a line of crossrails on Tuesday. I forgot to explain to her that jumping a line involves going straight from one fence to the other, so the 3 stride line ended up being 4 most times. Not due to lack of speed, but simply due to being wiggly. Fortunately I spent last summer on a wiggle worm, so I think I have this covered. haha.

Anyway, I made the crossrail pretty big (and by big I mean about a foot haha) and she really was kicking up her hind end. Maybe we need to do jumpers with a careful hind end like that! Of course we have a lot of stuff to figure out before then, but I think I see it in our future.

I even put the flowers under the jumps and she didn't bat an eye. This is an improvement because the first couple of times she jumped flowers in the past she was a little hesitant.

I am so proud of her for being such a good girl! There is a show coming up at the end of June and I think we are going to try to do the trot crossrails class. It is a great show series that opens the crossrails up to green horses as well as the little kids. I kind of feel bad about competing agains them, but at the same time it is open to green horses and lord knows that our trips will probably be scary enough that the little kids do not need to worry about me beating them! haha. Also, I probably will not do the flat class because I would be too afraid of running over and killing young children and ponies during that canter portion of the class.

We also have our fingers crossed for going to a dressage show in Erie in 2 weeks. We would just do intro A. She hasn't proven to me that cantering in front of people is a good idea yet, whether alone or in a group. hahaha. Also it will be her first show experience and I need to see how she is going to react to it.

I can't wait for show season. I really think that she is going to like it. I also really want to get a ribbon, as childish as that sounds. Whether it be blue..or brown. I just don't want 4th because white ribbons suck. haha.

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