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Saturday, April 28, 2012


O.K. So wrote a very nice update...and it's not here! Then I wrote and update to the update and that's not here either! I haven't been a blog slacker, I swear.

Last Monday after work I went to the barn to a horrible sight- a swollen, hot left hind fetlock. My BO and BM both thought it was a scrape, and I thought so too until I cleaned it off...then much to my horror it was actually a deep flap of skin, almost like a puncture wound.

Needless to say this past week has been all about getting up extra early, spending 1/2 hour+ at the barn before work, then at least an hour after work..cleaning, hosing, hand walking twice a day for the first two days since she couldn't go out. Such a pain in the ass...but she is the top priority and she is special enough that she deserves top notch care!

Hopefully she will be ok for the next 24 hours because I have to work up in Orchard Park and won't be able to go out. She is on SMZs and I wrapped it up real good. Unlike most wounds I really cannot air it out yet because when I did the flap came up, and my main focus is to keep the flap down so that it can connect back together.

She also got kicked twice in the pasture. We just recently put the two groups together and now all the mares are in heat. Since Taters is the socially inept one, she tends to be the one who gets in the way of other horses hooves.  She is such a smart horse in so many ways...she better catch on to this fast because I can't deal with a summer full of injuries!

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