Happiness is owning a chestnut mare.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Le Spa de Tater Tot

Nothing makes me feel better than when people tell me that my horse looks great. I love every moment that I spend grooming every single hair so that it looks perfect and shiny, massaging and stretching her muscles, feeding her treats along the way. Linamenting if we do "hard work" (aka tight circles in my opinon-got to keep those legs comfortable!), keeping her mane short and her tail long and tangle free are all in a days work for me.

Our resident cowboy calls me a softie and that the barn turns into a horse spa when I'm around. People comment on how shiny my horse is and how long I spend grooming her. I love that. Grooming/pampering is my favorite activity involving Taters (and that is not just due to her intermittent ridiculousness).

I wish it was her favorite activity. Her favorite activity is rolling, then sleeping out in the sunshine with her friends. I am attempting to convince her that grooming is just as good, but she doesn't buy it. I try to tell her she would like currying more if she stopped rolling and getting dirt as deep in her hair as possible. I mean, obviously that is the reason why I have to scrub harder on some days. If she would just realize that she could have a nice gentle curry everyday. "BUT MOM," she would say, "rolling is my FIRST favorite activity." Oh the life of a thin-skinned TB mare. It is so hard.

Fortunately she puts up with me. That's what I love the most about her. She deals with my long groomings, and my never ending hugs and kisses. Somedays she eats them up, somedays she gives "the look" and I know she needs some more personal space. It's good that she does, cause God knows I put up with a lot of crap from her! :)

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