Happiness is owning a chestnut mare.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Riding Inside

Today Taters and I rode inside for the first time. I feel like a broken record...BUT SHE WAS AMAZING!!!! I am so happy with my mare. I have been riding a solid 45 minutes a day because it is so enjoyable. Before I would push myself to make it to half an hour, try to work on things, get nothing accomplished, get frustrated and stare at the clock. Today it was more of a "OMG I have been riding almost an hour and have been here for almost 8 hours... I need to go home." haha.

But we were just having too much fun! I went a little bit longer, but I could tell she was starting to get fatigued. Not front and back tired, but side to side tired. She was just done bending and contorting her body into shapes that she isn't 100% used to yet. As soon as she starting feeling like she wasn't into it anymore we walked, walked a nice bend in each direction, then I let her have free rein. I don't want to push her to the point where she starts to resent lateral movement. She really has been picking up on it and I am so proud of her, so I don't want her to start bracing again due to fatigue.

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